Saturday, October 18, 2014

Call for papers: Taking charge of your LIS career: Personal strategies, institutional programs, strong libraries

The IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace LearningSection (CPDWL) invites proposals for papers, research reports, workshops, personal stories, and poster sessions. Some proposals will be considered for publication in the online proceedings in the IFLA institutional repository. First-time presenters and new professionals are encouraged to apply. Students in the final year of studies are also invited to participate.

The satellite conference will be held immediately prior to the WorldLibrary and Information Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, 12-14 August 2015
Closing date for proposals
1 December 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Still time to submit abstract to A&SL seminar

Closing date for abstract submissions for posters, case studies and workshops for Academic & Special Libraries Seminar  is Friday 17th October.  Writing an abstract is a straight forward process and you still have time to do it.  The abstract should detail the essence of what your poster, case study or workshop is about.  Think about the verbs you might use in describing what your poster/case study/workshop is going to do.  
Here are some verbs to get you started -
Addresses, argues, asks, concludes, covers, demonstrates, describes, discusses,  evaluates, examines, expands, explains, explores, identifies, maps, outlines, presents, proposes, reports, reviews, shows, suggests, summarises, surveys,  touches on
Now stop thinking about it and just write and submit the abstract!