Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Leadership and Librarians

I was pleased to have the opportunity to write an article with my colleague Hugh Murphy on the UK Future Leaders Programme which we both completed some while ago.  I was one of the 2010 cohort and Hugh was 2011.  It was interesting to look back, five years after the programme and to reflect on what I have used from the course in the intervening period. 
Here's a few thoughts that have stayed with me and hopefully informed my leadership style:

You don’t get to rerun the world - you need to learn in real time (action learning)
Recommit yourself to leading every day
Raise the quality of the conversation – inquire/question and focus on the positive. The nature of the question determines the quality of the conversation. When faced with a problem ask yourself/colleagues "What would a satisfactory solution to this issue look like?"
Open questions, such as the above,  are the most important questions in action learning
Put an emphasis on evidence – what is the evidence for continuing/changing…
View conflict as a gateway to growth and learning - you are likely to learn most from the people who challenge you most
 Approach every situation with a beginners mind

Monday, March 2, 2015

Call for Proposals Digital Research in the Humanities & Arts

Dear Colleagues,

Digital Research in the Humanities & Arts is an international conference taking place in Dublin City University from 30thAugust – 2nd September 2015.

Hosted by DCU, in partnership with the National Library of Ireland and the Digital Arts and Humanities Institute, Royal Irish Academy, the conference will explore the relationships between computing, the arts and humanities and wider society.

There will be dedicated sessions in the programme covering digital libraries, archives, galleries and museums. We now invite proposals from interested speakers on the following themes:
·         Resolving Conflict
·         Cultural Freedom
·         Urban Living
·         Climate Change
·         Healthy Societies
A peer review publication opportunity will be available for all presenters following the conference.
or key dates and details of how to submit, please visit www.drha2015.ie

Siobhán Dunne
DRHA Conference Team
@drha2015 #drha2015