Monday, December 11, 2017

Top Tips for Successful Writing from Librarian as Academic Author Seminar

Heather Chawke compiled a helpful list of tips  from the group discussion at the seminar Librarian as Academic Author at Maynooth University Library on 9th November 2017.

Each table discussed their top tips for someone new to writing for publication and subsequently shared them for wider discussion.  The top tips were identified as follows:
1)      Choose the topic carefully; write about what you are interested in and what is relevant to you. Where possible combine academic writing with interesting aspects of your day job.
2)      Identify a gap in the literature or angle that interests you; be passionate about your writing. 
3)      Have a clear focus and purpose, and make sure that this is reflected in the title.
4)      Make your writing accessible and easy to read, avoiding acronyms.
5)      Time management is vital.  Set mini goals for yourself.  Ideally allow two weeks at the end of the process for reflection.  Engage in ‘snack writing’, writing little and often.
6)      Take time to outline your structure.
7)      Practice for perfection. Write, write and re-write – hone your skills.  Get others to read what you’ve written.
8)      Understand the environment and use the literature review to reflect this understanding.
9)      Collaboration and partnership are extremely important…but set boundaries, be assertive and proactive.
10)   Be flexible in the writing process and anticipate that you may need to change, edit and delete content.
11)   Think about what kind of publication you want to write for, who you are writing for, what they require from you.
12)   Read prospective journals for hints on style, content and structure.
13)   Talk to those who have already been published, gain from their experience.
14)   Target the publication and understand the requirements.  Read and visualise the end product.
15)   Mentor collegiality and networking relationships are helpful for developing content and conversation.  Talk to lecturers, academics, other librarians.
16)   Use social media to your advantage, to engage with the audience.
17)   Don’t take revisions from editors personally.
18)   Be prepared for knock backs.
19)   Engage in pre-peer review with a friendly writing group/ person.
20)   Find a critical friend.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Call for Abstracts CONUL 2018 conference - Transformative Experiences: Libraries Innovating and Changing

Abstract submissions are welcome for consideration for the 2018 annual conference of CONUL, the Consortium of National and University Libraries in Ireland, which will be held in Galway, Ireland on 30-31 May 2018.

The 2018 conference theme, Transformative Experiences: Libraries Innovating and Changing, will explore the ever evolving research and academic library: creative approaches to the use of technologies; developing the library workforce; enhancing services, space and collections to create new dialogues; measuring impact and demonstrating the value of the modern research library. CONUL invites submissions for presentations and posters which address topics including, but not limited to:
• Technology in libraries
• Developing the library workforce
• Enhancing user engagement & experiences
• Measuring the impact and effectiveness of library services
• New synergies and transformations for library collections

Vivian Lewis, University Librarian at McMaster University
Jim Neal, University Librarian Emeritus at Columbia University & President of the ALA

The Conference Committee welcomes proposals on the theme and sub-themes which include theoretical and practical elements of research and academic librarianship.  We encourage colleagues who are currently harnessing technologies, reconfiguring onsite and online spaces; responding to and anticipating changing user needs; transforming collections; exploring the staffing considerations in this time of change e.g. new skills, succession planning and leading change; and identifying ways to demonstrate impact, to consider abstract submission for the 2018 CONUL Conference.

An abstract can be submitted for presentation at the conference as one of the following:
·        Oral Presentations: 300 word abstract submission
·        Parallel Paper: 20 minute presentation and Q&A
·        Lightning Talk: 10 minute presentation and Q&A
·        Show & Tell:  5 minute presentation followed by an opportunity for delegates to 1-1 discussions with presenters.
·        Poster Presentation: 100 word abstract submission

Closing date for abstract submission: midnight Monday 8th January 2018. Further information on the Call for Papers, including presentation types, important dates and submission guidelines are available here.

For more information about CONUL click here.

Ken Saro-Wiwa Seminar and Book Launch at Maynooth University

Maynooth University Library hosted the Ken Saro-Wiwa anniversary seminar on 14th September.
The event was filmed and can be viewed via the Library Facebook page.

The revised and open access version of "Silence Would be Treason: Last Writings of Ken Saro-Wiwa" was launched at the event.  The book can be downloaded free of charge.

Images from the event. 

Learn more about the Maynooth University Library Ken Saro-Wiwa Collection