Friday, August 28, 2009

New Irish peer-reviewed electronic only journal

Dear Colleagues -

We are delighted to announce the formal launch of the inaugural
issue of the All Ireland Journal of Higher Education (AISHE-J),
which happened "live on-stage" yesterday at the AISHE
International Conference 2009. The full issue contents may be
viewed here:

We would encourage you to share this announcement with
colleagues. The second issue is already in preparation, and the
editorial board continues to solicit new submissions of original
research articles, short reviews, and letters for publication in
future issues. Full details here:

Many thanks to all involved in achieving this important milestone
for the development of AISHE.

Best regards, on behalf of the AISHE-J Editorial Board,

- Barry.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Call for chapters

User interface design for virtual environments

call for conference papers

Call for Papers: Academic Librarian 2: Singing in the Rain Conference Towards Future Possibilities (11-12 March 2010), Hong Kong
Deadline for Abstract Submission: 16 October 2009
About the Conference
Academic Librarians face unprecedented challenges to their role, to how they manage their collections and how they interact professionally with their academic colleagues. They require different professional and personal skills as well as different ways of interacting with their communities, both in the academic, publishing and other vendor communities. In the current context of a global recession, without doubt, it is going to be a future full of challenges and opportunities. What has changed and what needs to change? As suggested by the Conference subtitle "Singing in the Rain", a new generation of academic librarians cannot survive without an optimistic, positive and thoughtful attitude towards the future.

Key Dates
Call for Papers
# Closing date for abstract submission: 16 October 2009
# Notification of acceptance: 16 November 2009
# Submission of accepted paper: 1 February 2010

call for papers

Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian

Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian is now accepting manuscripts for volume 29(1). The submission deadline is September 18, 2009.

B&SS Librarian is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal focusing on all aspects of behavioral and social sciences information with emphasis on librarians, libraries and users of social science information in libraries and information centers.
We will also advise on prospective research projects/articles and provide you with preliminary feedback.

Please send all submissions and questions to the editor at:

Call for Paper

Journal of Library and Information Service for Distance Learning

The Journal of Library and Information Service for Distance Learning, a peer-reviewed journal published by Routledge/The Haworth Press, welcomes the submission of manuscripts.

The journal is devoted to the issues and concerns of librarians and information specialists involved with distance education and delivering library resources and services to this growing community of students.

If you are interested in submitting an article and ensuring that, if accepted, it will be published in the next issue, send the manuscript directly to the Editor, Jodi Poe at by October 1, 2009. Inquiries and questions are welcome.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Article about ANLTC and writing support

Colleagues - great article about writing support for Irish academic librarians. Many of you will know the author ; - )

The benefits of writing retreats

Hi All,

You might be interested in the following forthcoming publication:

Murray, R and Newton, M (2009) Writing retreat as structured intervention: Margin or mainstream?, Higher Education Research and Development, 28(5): 527-39.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

call for papers

Special issue call for papers from Reference Services Review
Reference Services Review, a quarterly, refereed international journal, covering reference and instructional services for libraries in the digital age, will be publishing a theme issue with guest editors on the topic of mobile services in libraries. For this issue we are seeking manuscripts that cover a wide variety of topics related to providing mobile services to library users. Accepted manuscripts will be published in Volume 38, Issue 2 (May 2010) and will need to be submitted for peer-review by December 4, 2009.

More information about the journal can be viewed here:

Potential topics include, but are not limited to the following:

Service models and best practices
Types of services
Device based
Web based
Location based
Mobile technology
Development for mobile platforms
Use of special technologies
User studies
Service assessment
Distance learning
Under-served populations
Global - i.e. services around the world
The future of mobile services
Please email proposed abstracts of no more than 250 words as an attached Word document or PDF to both guest editors by August 21st, 2009. Authors will be notified by September 12th, 2009.

call for papers

Call for articles & ideas


Journal call for papers from Library Hi Tech News
Library Hi Tech News is a non-refereed journal and quickly publishes articles that are reviews of technologies, products, websites, and software; case studies; conference reports; mini-tutorials; and research in progress. For work in progress, think of your article as a “poster session in print.” Writing for LHTN does not preclude publishing your completed work in a refereed journal later on.

Some examples of topics of particular interest include:
Google Chrome: Web Browser and Operating System
Library Uses of Skype
New E-Reference Services
Mobile Library Applications
Databases Optimized for the Mobile Web
Review of Important Non-Library Technology Blogs
WorldCat Local
OPAC and ILMS Developments
Institutional Repositories
Web-based Calendar Applications
Twitter and other Micoblogging Services
Social Network Aggregation
Google Books – New Developments and Implications for Libraries
Second Life and Other MUVES
Content Management Packages
Library as Publisher: E Journal Applications/Programs
Collaboration Networks
Gaming and Simulation Software for Libraries
Survey Tools for Libraries
Ebook Platforms, Ebook Collections
New Library Learning Spaces
“Smart” Library Buildings
“Green” Libraries
Web 2.0 and Library 2.0
Electronic Resource Management/Licensing Issues of E-Resources
E-Science, E-Social Science, E-Humanities, Data Curation
Open Source Software and Systems for Libraries
Preservation of Born Digital Information
Virtual Meetings and Conferencing, Webinars
Software As A Service/Cloud Computing
Digital Video / Streaming Video Content

Submit ideas to the editors

Martin Kesselman and Laura Mullen,
Library of Science and Medicine, Rutgers – The State University of New Jersey, 165 Bevier Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854, USA,

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fonts for publishing online - Recommendations?

I'm submitting a paper shortly which will be published online in the original "Times New Roman" (!) font I wrote it in. I've nothing against TNR and it is widely recommended! However, publishers use a variety of fonts, some of which are very pleasing on the eye.

Does anybody have a recommendation on attractive fonts which have worked for their own longish, academic-style papers?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Impact Factor!

I came across this presentation, and thought you might find it interesting! Note the reference to the ANLTC Writers' Workshops!

call for papers

Cataloging & Classification Quarterly will be publishing a special issue on 21st-century challenges for library administrators in the management and strategic planning of operations and personnel in cataloging and metadata departments. The guest editor is looking for articles that articulate new directions and opinions, as well as case studies, related to re-visioning, repurposing, establishing efficiencies, and/or redirecting both workflows and personnel within cataloging and metadata departments. Articles that examine how to justify and/or defend what are commonly known as “behind-the-scenes” or “back-end” library operations and personnel in the current budget crisis are especially timely. The guest editor is looking for a wide range of international participation, so proposals from authors outside of the United States are encouraged. Articles can be of any length, and figures and screen shots are encouraged.

If you are interested in contributing, please send the guest editor your name, a short proposal of the topic, and a tentative title for the article. Deadline for proposals is September 1, 2009. Articles would be due to the guest editor by January 1, 2010. Any questions can be directed to the guest editor. Thank you.

Dr. Brad Eden
Guest editor, _Cataloging & Classification Quarterly_
Associate University Librarian for Technical Services and Scholarly Communication
University of California, Santa Barbara