Saturday, July 2, 2011

call for contributors

Call for Contributors: Preserving Local Writers, Genealogy, Photographs, Newspapers and Related Materials

Book Publisher: Scarecrow Press

Co-Editors, Carol Smallwood, The Frugal Librarian: Thriving in Tough Economic Times, American Library Association, 2011
and Elaine Williams, MLS, Highland County District Library, Lynchburg, Ohio.

Chapters sought for an anthology by librarians who’ve worked with historical societies and/or their libraries in preserving local history, newspaper preservation, managed manuscript/book collections of local authors, photography collections, kept student oral and written interviews, and have done/are doing related activities. Tips needed on overcoming liability and invasion of privacy issues, what to save, ways to preserve local material. Librarians are often the last chance important aspects of local culture have of being conserved.

No previously published, simultaneously submitted material; 3,000-3,500 words. Concise, how-to chapters, using bullets, headings. One author. Compensation: one complimentary book, discount on additional copies.

Please e-mail 2 topics described separately in 2 sentences by July 20, 2011 with a short bio. Kindly place, PRESERVING/Your Name, on the subject line to:

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