Thursday, July 7, 2011

call for contributors

Managing Information magazine is seeking contributions on the following topics:

* Case studies on information audit and knowledge asset registers
* How health libraries and information services are supporting patient

care and the development of expertise during this time of tight finances;

* Practical application of Linked Data;

* Success stories about enhancing and reinventing services while reducing


* Use of Records Management for implementation of effective freedom of

information policies.

* Use of social media in delivering, developing and promoting library and

information services.The editor is also looking for regular columnists (10

issues per year, or 5 issues each on a shared contributions basis) on the

following topics:

* Health information

* Legal information

* Financial and corporate information

* Knowledge management

* Taxonomy, ontology and metadata

* Records management

* Archiving

The deadlines for the rest of this year are: 22 July 2011. Then a rule-of-thumb of the 15th of each month (give or take a day if that falls on a weekend or Bank Holiday) until October, then 15th December.

If you are interested in contributing on any of the above, please get in touch

with the editor-in-chief, Graham Coult:

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