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Call for Papers, Lightening talks, Workshops - Research to Researcher


16-17 February 2015, BMA House, London

Submission Deadline 15 September 2014
The ASA Conference is the key annual event that brings together all the participants in the academic content supply chain to discuss the latest trends in research processes, publishing workflows and commercial practices.
The Conference Planning Committee (CPC) is inviting members of the research, publishing and library community to contribute papers/presentations to the event, and is also inviting volunteers to chair workshop sessions.

Suggested themes and topics for these papers and workshops are given below.
Papers can be in the form of either presentations lasting approximately
20-30 minutes or 'lightning talks' where the speaker will have a brief four-minute opportunity to introduce a topic.  Presentations should be relevant to the themes of the conference and can be presented by any member of the research, publishing and library community. Presenters employed by intermediaries, publishers or other commercial organisations are encouraged to participate, but their presentations must be of general interest to the community, and commercial or product 'pitches' will not be acceptable, except possibly in the form of 'lightning talks'.
The workshops (a new feature of the conference) are intended to be highly interactive, with good levels of audience participation and engagement, and aimed at creating results that can be presented back to the whole conference.  It is anticipated that a choice of several different workshop streams will be available to the conference participants, and that each workshop will have a duration of 1-2½  hours, probably conducted over 2-3 separate sessions during the conference. The roles of the workshop chair include setting out the topic under discussion, encouraging broad participation and ensuring that the outcomes are documented and presented back to the conference as a whole (by the chair or another volunteer).
Workshop topics may be following up on presentations that are being given at the conference, or cover other issues of relevance to the creation, supply and consumption of academic research information.

The overall theme of the 2015 conference is Research-to-Researcher, meaning the complete workflow of creating, validating, publishing, supplying, finding and consuming research information.  This gives a wide scope for presentations on funding, researcher practices, peer review, publishing processes, commercial models, discovery, delivery, usage and metrics.

Within the overall theme, the conference will focus on three core areas:
Research Practices, Publishing Workflows and Using Research:

 1.         Research Practices could include how researcher funding, behaviour

and tools relates to the creation of published content, and also to changes in the nature of this content with the trend toward increased publishing of methods and data.

2.         Publishing Workflows could include the management of funding

workflows, plus the traditional publishing workflow issues around editorial tools, peer review processes, outsourcing, delivery platforms and many related topics.

3.         Using Research could include how researchers (and students) search

for, discover and use content.

 In all of these topics, the services provided by publishers, intermediaries and libraries, and the interactions between them, could be usefully explored.

The Conference Planning Committee has already identified some potential topics that they believe would be of interest to those attending the conference and would particularly welcome proposals for presentations or workshops on these topics or related areas:
           Predatory Publishers – the scale of the problem and methods to

combat it.

           Corporate libraries – their views on open access and other research

publishing innovations.

           The dumbing-down of search (Google) and content (Wikipedia).

           How social media may be changing the way people use research

information and metrics.

           How to put the library (back) at the centre of searching and content


           Subscription agents and other intermediaries – new services they

could be providing.

           Technology intermediaries – their roles, capabilities and potential.

           The Sustainability of the Big Deal / Is the Big Deal dead?

           The discoverability of open access content.

           Continuous publication (and the impact on editorial processes and

the supply chain).

           The growing volume of published content; both number of articles and

amount of data.

           Outsourcing of publishing processes.

           Internationalisation of author submissions – issues of language,

credibility, funding, etc.


Please send an abstract of up to 500 words outlining the proposed topic of your presentation or workshop to the ASA Secretary General, Nawin Gupta by

15 September 2014 at The abstracts will be reviewed by members of the CPC and you will be contacted by the end of September.

 We would particularly welcome proposals from people who would like to present a paper and also chair a workshop, whether on the same or different topics.  We are also particularly seeking participation by librarians, researchers & editors, and by people based outside the UK.
Presenters and workshop chairs will be invited to attend the conference without payment of the conference fee.  Please note that any other expenses of attending the conference (including subsistence, travel and accommodation) will be the responsibility of the presenter or workshop chair, although we are occasionally able to offer some support for travel and accommodation costs on request.


Mark Carden, Naughton Consulting / Mosaic Search & Selection (Chair); Chris Banks, Imperial College London; Laura Bonald, Swets; Greta Boonen, John Wiley & Sons; Luke Davies, EBSCO Information Services; Lorraine Ellery, Semantico; Nawin Gupta, ASA; Monika Krieg, Harrassowitz; Peter Lawson, Karger Libri / Karger Publishers; Sameer Puri, CNA India; Sue Wolper, Wolper Information Services


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