Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Call for Papers Journal of Web Librarianship Special Issue: International Voices

Do you work in a library outside of the U.S. and Canada?  The Journal of Web Librarianship is seeking research articles, case studies, and other types of submissions from librarians around the world.  Although JWL has aimed to be an international journal from the beginning, the bulk of JWL submissions come from authors at U.S. and Canadian libraries.  For this special issue, therefore, JWL will focus on library web projects and research outside these countries.

Please submit manuscripts for consideration by August 15, 2015 
Topics for the special issue can include (but are not limited to):

             library web page design and redesigns,

             web project management,

             usability testing of library or library-related sites,

             cataloging or classification of Web information,

             user behavior on the web,

             search behaviors,

             social networking and libraries,

             mobile web librarianship,

             digitization or finding aids for unique collections,

             integrating digital collections into catalogs / discovery.

Submissions for this special issue will still undergo a double-blind peer review. However, to support consistency of organization across the issue and offer support to authors who use English as a second language, submissions will first undergo one or more rounds of “collegial review” to provide early feedback to authors about their manuscripts before submission to the blind peer review process.

In addition to following the regular JWL manuscript preparation guidelines  authors are asked specifically to provide information in the introduction about the role and status of libraries in their country or countries, as well as the state of any relevant technologies in their country relative to their topic.  For example, an article about a library’s use of social networking to market services would include an explanation about how social networking technologies are generally used in that country (level of adoption, purposes, challenges, etc.).

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