Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Call for submissions Collection Building

Collection Building is widening its coverage to become  a channel of communication  for researchers and practitioners who are concerned with all aspects of collection and curation in libraries, archives, museums and galleries.  The journal is interested in digital 'information' research which explores the purpose, practice and issues arising from collecting records, documents, learning objects, artefacts, visual and sound files, data and metadata and user-generated content.
The journal is welcoming submissions which explore:
  *   'Collection' and management of files and data by academic libraries, in the service of  the research and teaching purpose of universities
  *   'Collection' of files and data for  wider organization planning purposes
  *   Academic library curriculum mapping
  *   Collection assessment as part of wider library assessment
  *   Co-operative and collaborative 'collection' of cultural heritage artefacts, including where technology enables innovative approaches
  *   Public libraries as centers for civic engagement, digital inclusion, lifelong learning and for health and wellbeing information
  *   'Collection' development and the use of space.

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