Monday, March 13, 2017

A time in Sierra Leone

I enjoyed Philomena Obasi's guest post where she reflected on the collection of fellow Nigerian Ken Saro-Wiwa at Maynooth University Library.  Philomena now lives in Ireland and her strong feelings about the issues Ken Saro-Wiwa stood for come through in the post.
I lived for two years in Sierra Leone and have my own archive of letters my students sent me - blue aerograms in a white Ikea box in my attic.  I left in 1991 when - what was to be a long and bloody civil war -  has started.  A while ago I reread the letter which relate to a unique time in Sierra Leone's history and wrote a blog post using extracts. I enjoyed the process, which - to echo Philomena - brought me back to a place where the sun shone most days!

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