Friday, May 19, 2017

Problem-based learning book by Terry Barrett, published by AISHE

AISHE (All Ireland Society for Higher Education)  is delighted to announce the publication of a new book by Dr Terry Barrett,  ‘A new model of problem-based learning: Inspiring, concepts, practice strategies and case studies from higher education’
This book is aimed at both experienced problem-based learning (PBL) practitioners and those who are new to the field.  It takes a fresh approach, exploring new ways to design and implement PBL and focuses particularly on student discourse. The concepts, strategies and case studies presented in the book can be adapted other contexts making this an invaluable resource for all who have an interest in PBL.  As an AISHE publication, this book is published under a Creative Commons license and is available, free, on the AISHE website:
Barrett, Terry (2017). A New Model of Problem-based learning: Inspiring Concepts, Practice Strategies and Case Studies from Higher Education. Maynooth: AISHE.

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