Thursday, June 29, 2017

Call for Proposals: Journal of New Librarianship, "New Generation of Librarianship"  

The Journal of New Librarianship seeks short columns (500 to 1000 words) that explore, examine, and discuss issues surrounding the New Generation of Librarianship. 
Librarians work in an ever-changing field, responding to new patron demographics, developing innovative technologies, and operating within institutions that are continuously reshaping themselves to meet unexpected demands. These changes promise considerable and exciting developments in the library profession, but they also mean that entering librarians now face new and unique challenges. Those who have only recently joined the profession will encounter challenges, opportunities, and experiences unlike those of previous generations. Changing demographics and new career trajectories within librarianship itself similarly ensure that entering librarians bring unique perspectives, approaches, and skills into the profession. The JoNL’s Issues Surrounding the New Generation section is a venue through which these changes and challenges may be addressed, explored, and discussed.
We invite works examining issues faced by the new generation of librarians, across all fields of librarianship. Topics may include, but are certainly not limited to: succession planning and hiring, and the “generation gap”; the experiences and impact of second-career librarians who have recently joined the profession; changing expectations placed upon new public and school librarians; shifts within academic librarianship in response to changes within higher education; working with new technologies, educational frameworks, and pedagogies.  Ultimately, the section seeks not to emphasize the hardships of librarianship, but rather to highlight and examine the unique experiences of the new generation of librarians.

Contributors interested in writing a short column should complete our submission form, providing a summary of your proposal
Full-length peer reviewed research articles on this subject are also welcome, and can be submitted here  

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