Monday, August 28, 2017

Practitioner research and academic libraries

Liz Walkey Hall from Flinders University Library shared the following interesting presentation/publications with me

McBain, I., Culshaw, H. and Walkley Hall, L., 2013. Establishing a culture of research practice in an academic library: an Australian case study. Library management, 34(6/7), pp.448-461.

Hall, L.W. and McBain, I., 2014. Practitioner research in an academic library: evaluating the impact of a support group. The Australian Library Journal, 63(2), pp.129-143.

Hall, L.W., 2015. Changing the workplace culture at Flinders University library: From pragmatism to professional reflection. Australian Academic & Research Libraries, 46(1), pp.29-38.

Liz Walkley Hall
Open Scholarship and Data Management Librarian
Flinders University Library
GPO Box 2100
Ph 08 8201 3080

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