Monday, October 23, 2017

Pablo the Penguin gets Published: Building a peer-reviewed article from a Library Innovation

David Bennett, Assistant Librarian (Promotions), University of Portsmouth
will speak at The Librarian as Academic Author: Further Developing Your Scholarly Writing  seminar at Maynooth University Library on 9 November. Below is a brief outline of what David will cover:

The arrival and antics of a two-foot high plush toy penguin with origins traced back to a blog cartoon celebrating record numbers of complaints about an overly powerful air conditioning system seems an unlikely subject for an academic journal article, yet Pablo Penguin (@uoppenguin on Twitter) represented a novel venture into library service promotion and client engagement.  This presentation will draw on my article (with Paula Thompson). The article is representative of a slowly growing body of published practitioner-led research exploring the theoretical underpinning and academic evidence base for approaches to and innovations in library services.

Original article doi link (in a previous themed issue of NRAL):

UoPLibrary Penguin

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