Friday, January 10, 2020

Call for Papers - Collection Development seminar (National Acquisitions Group)

NAG’s 12th Collection Development Seminar will take place on Friday 15th May 2020, at Friends House, London.To ensure we are building our collections effectively, we must keep acquisitions supply chains running smoothly. Uncertainty about the future, information technology, sustainability, managing budgets, and having the right skills to inform our decision making, all form part of how we select and acquire material. We strive to ensure value for money and embed organisational objectives in our planning.However in an environment where financial resources are limited, and our expenditure comes under increasing scrutiny, we must constantly review our practices and resources, and regularly consider revising or even replacing them completely. Change requires transition, such as migrating to a new library management system; working under a new management structure; adapting to a reduced staff or resources budget; moving or withdrawing large parts of our collections; or changing our collections and acquisitions policies.
The topic is “Transition – problems, solutions, conclusions.” NAG invites papers from those that can share knowledge, best practice, experiences and reflections around Transition. We welcome contributions on issues such as:– What factors drove the identification of a new policy? How did you determine the policy content?– What factors drove implementation of a new system? How did you tender and plan the project?– How did you communicate about the proposed transition with employees and other stake holders?– Post-transition review and conclusions. Did it deliver your objectives? Was it worth the disruption?– What were the easiest and hardest parts of your transition? How much change management is involved?If you are interested in speaking around the topic of Transition, all we require is a 300-500 word abstract, which should be submitted to the National Acquisitions Group on this seminar there will be two separate streams, one for Academic Libraries and one for Public Libraries. We invite prospective speakers from both sectors to submit papers on Transition for this seminar.Final date for submission of abstracts is 2nd February. Notification of acceptance will be by 18th February. Paper slots are normally 30 minutes including questions; however if you have an idea for a longer, workshop style session please get in touch. Speakers receive a full free Seminar place plus UK travel expenses.

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