Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why join a writer's group?

Another useful resource (co-authored by Rowena Murray) is Sarah Moore's 'Handbook of Academic Writing' I attended a workshop she hosted last year and found it really useful. In her book, she discusses three underpinning principles of participating in writers groups:

1. Writing is a social act that benefits from discussion with peers.
2. Feedback can be helpful at different stages in the writing process.
3. Working in a group can motivate writers to initiate and progress projects and produce successful outputs.
[Moore, S. (2006) Handbook of Academic Writing. Berkshire: Open University Press. p.111]

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Helen said...

Talking or writing about Sarah Moore, you might be interested in a new book she has out.
It's called "Supporting Academic Writing among Students and Academics" SEDA Special 24.
isbn 9781902435442
Among other things (it's very short) it has a chapter by Rowena Murray entitled "Innovations, activities and principles for supporting academics' writing." It's about setting up a writing group and gives useful tips for anyone wanting to do this in their organisation.