Friday, May 29, 2009

call for chapters

Posted on behalf of Sigfrid Kelsey

We are seeking chapter proposals for a new edited collection on
corporate libraries. This book will be an edited collection of
chapters describing best practices in a variety of corporate libraries
worldwide, providing both a foundation of knowledge for scholars in
library and information science areas and information and ideas for
practicing corporate librarians. The editors have obtained an interest
from the publisher, and a contract is pending a list of potential
chapters and contributors. Please submit a proposal of 250 words, or a full chapter,for consideration.
Topics may include, but are not limited to:
Planning a Corporate Library, including chapters on topics such as
design, architecture, and facility planning, budget and staffing, long
range planning, technology planning, hiring, recruiting, and training
for a new library.
Collaborations, including chapters on interlibrary lending and
borrowing, joint libraries, consortia and other types of
collaborations and organizations.
Technology, including chapters on best practices, discussions of the
use of technology, and the scope of a corporate librarian’s job such
as what technological support they offer, web sites and internet
databases in relations to corporate librarianship, electronic
Staffing, including human resources, continuing education,
professional networking, core competencies, management, routines
Communications, including articles regarding communications; for
example, with satellite offices, with overseas branches,
interdepartmental, computer mediated communication, and more.
Knowledge Management/ Organization, including topics covering how
Corporate Libraries manage data and knowledge and organize it, and
share it.
Special Issues This section will include articles about any special
issues pertaining to Corporate Librarianship, such as current
challenges, copyright and other legal topics, especially those that
are unique to corporate librarianship.
Please send chapters or chapter proposals by July 28, 2009, through email to:

Sigrid Kelsey and Jorie Porter, editors

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