Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Call for abstracts - Leadership in Educational and Academic Development

Education Developers Ireland Network (EDIN) will partner with All Ireland Society for Higher Education (AISHE) to produce a joint special issue of the All Ireland Journal for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (AISHE J), for publication on 28 February, 2015.  

The theme of the journal is Leadership in Educational and Academic Development.

 If you would like to contribute to this journal issue please forward a 300 word abstract to Saranne Magennis, Editor, AISHE J, at sp.magennis@nuim.ie on or before Monday June 30th.  

EDIN and AISHE will jointly host a 2-day writing workshop in September for contributors to this issue.  In order to get the maximum benefit from this event all contributors should bring with them a full draft of their article. 

The closing date for submission to AISHE J for this themed issue will be 1 October 2014, to allow time for the peer review process to take place. 

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