Monday, August 24, 2015

Call For Book Chapter Proposals: Peer-Assisted Learning in Academic Libraries

Proposal submission deadline is: September 30, 2015
The editors of the forthcoming Libraries Unlimited book Peer-Assisted Learning in Academic Libraries seek chapter proposals from librarians who have utilized peer-assisted learning programs to enhance library services in the areas of reference, instruction, and/or co-curricular outreach.  Our interpretation of peer-assisted learning is based on the definition developed by O’Donnell and King, in their book Cognitive Perspectives on Peer Learning which describes peer-assisted learning as “An educational practice in which students interact with other students to attain educational goals." In the context of academic libraries, peer-assisted learning is differentiated from the practice of assigning student employees transactional functions, such as circulation and shelving, and instead focuses on strategically preparing, placing, and supporting student employees in situations where they can enhance the learning experiences of other students.  This book will provide a diversity of perspectives on the design, implementation, and assessment of peer-assisted learning programs in academic libraries by including case studies from various institutions that offer best-practices for these programs.
We welcome chapters on the following contexts for peer-assisted learning programs: the use of peer mentors in reference, in information literacy instruction, or in co-curricular outreach.   Topics that should be addressed by each chapter include:
·  The background or context for the program
·  The training or preparation of peer mentors
·  How the program was implemented
·  How the program was assessed
·  Implications for practice and lessons learned
·  Next Steps
We are also interested in highlighting how peer-assisted learning can foster transferable skills in peer mentors’ personal, academic, and professional lives, so programs that have considered this aspect are especially encouraged to submit a proposal.

Submission Procedure:
Proposals (in Microsoft Office format) should include:
1.      A 150-300 word summary of your peer-assisted learning program, indicating on which library service (reference assistance, instruction, or outreach) your program has made the most impact.
2.      A one or two sentence explanation for each of the following: how peer mentors were trained, how your program was assessed, and how this has impacted your practice.
3.      A statement of contributor(s) qualifications to write the chapter on proposed topic, including a brief biographical sketch of contributor(s), and names and contact information for all contributors (please identify a main contributor).
Accepted chapters will be notified by October 12; final chapters will be due January 15, 2016.

Send inquiries and submissions to:

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