Monday, July 25, 2016

Call for book chapters: Digital Badges and Micro-credentials: New Ways to Recognise Learning in Libraries

Call for Chapters: Digital Badges & Micro-credentials: Developing New Ways to Recognize Learning in Libraries
Call for Chapter Proposals!
Title: Digital Badges & Micro-credentials: Developing New Ways to Recognize Learning in Libraries
Proposal Deadline: Sunday, July 31, 2016
First Draft Due: Six week after proposal is accepted
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
The editor of the forthcoming book, Digital Badges & Micro-credentials: Developing New Ways to Recognize Learning in Libraries, welcomes chapter proposals. 
This book will not only provide readers with the foundational knowledge to understand what digital badges and micro-credentials are, but it will also highlight specific digital badges and micro-credential programs used in a range of libraries in a case study format.  The combination of the foundational knowledge and practical applications will allow libraries to quickly understand how to develop and begin issuing their own digital badges and micro-credentials.
Proposed Chapters:
Each chapter in this forthcoming title will provide librarians and staff with the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to implement a digital badge//micro-credential program at their library.  Each chapter will range from 5,000 – 7,500 words.
Part I: Digital Badges in Libraries
Chapter 1: What are Digital Badges and Micro-Credentials? (Assigned)
Chapter 2: Technical Requirements for Offering and Issuing Digital Badges
Chapter 3: Digital Badge Design Principles
Chapter 4: Digital Badges Issues Process and Technology
Chapter 5: Assessment and Learning Analytics
Part II: Library Implementation Case Studies
Chapter 6: Public Library Case Study: Digital Badges and Reading Programs
Chapter 7: Academic Library Case Study: Digital Badges and Library Instructional Programs (Assigned)
Chapter 8: Profession Development Case Study: Digital Badges for Professional Development
Part III: Moving Forward
Chapter 9: The Future of Micro-Credentials and Digital Badges in Libraries
Chapter 10: Resources for Digital Badges and Micro-Credentials (Assigned)
Submission Process
Authors interested in contributing to this work should review the suggested chapter titles above.  Interested authors should send a chapter proposal on or before Sunday, July 31, 2016.  First drafts of chapters will be due six weeks from when proposals are accepted.
Your proposal should include:3
1.    A proposed chapter title
2.    An abstract of 150 – 300 words including how you plan to approach the topic.
3.    Your name, professional title, and contact information.
4.    A brief (150 words) statement about your experience working with digital badges and/or micro-credentials.

Please send any questions or submissions to with the subject line: Digital Badges Book.

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