Saturday, November 26, 2016

Call for review articles Music Reference Services Quarterly

I would like to publicize a call for review articles for the journal Music Reference Services Quarterly  I am the e-resources column editor, and I am seeking articles on a broad range of online resources, hardware and software. Articles can be traditional reviews, experience narratives, or simply on a particular technology topic.  I have provide sample review topics with links to those resources.

Assistant Professor / Metadata Librarian
Baruch College Library
151 East 25th Street
New York,  NY 10010

Music Reference Services Quarterly eResources Column provides a forum for librarians to publish their experiences with digital technology related to music and the humanities in their work in the library and classroom. Share with the music library community about a new web resource, an online tool, a mobile app, a technology project, or a novel way to use an existing product or service!
Please contact me at the email address below if you are interested. I will send you reviewer guidelines and submission dates for upcoming issues. Feel free to bring your ideas to the table, or simply ask me for suggestions (more below). I am more than happy to guide you through the publication process upon request. 

Our next publication deadline is December 15 for the first 2017 issue. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kimmy Szeto

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