Monday, January 16, 2017

Call for proposals for chapters Project Management in the Library Workplace

Call for proposals
Series Editor: Samantha Hines, Peninsula College
Volume Editor: Alice Daugherty, Louisiana State University Libraries

Submission deadlines
Submission deadline for proposals: Feb. 28, 2017
Notification of acceptance sent by:  March 31, 2017
Submission deadline for full chapters:  May 31, 2017
Comments returned to authors:  July 31, 2017
Submission deadline for chapter revisions:  August 31, 2017

Many works have been published on ‘how to do project management’ in librarianship, but there are gaps in coverage of the deeper issues and surrounding processes. For example, what methods have been successfully used, in the library workplace, to assess efficacy of project management?  What are the future trends and implications for library administration and management as formal project management schema become more commonplace in library work? How do these formal schemas demonstrably affect and improve library workplaces? For this forthcoming volume we welcome submissions that consider how project management affects library administration and that address the role of project management in the library workplace.

Proposals in the following areas would be of particular interest:
  • Assessments of project management approaches
  • Integration of project management processes and procedures within libraries
  • Project leadership in libraries and future trends
  • Project management education and certification for library workers

This will be the first volume of Advances in Library Administration and Organization (ALAO) to publish in 2018. 
About the Advances in Library Administration and Organization series
ALAO offers long-form research, comprehensive discussions of theoretical developments, and in-depth accounts of evidence-based practice in library administration and organization.  The series answers the questions, “How have libraries been managed, and how should they be managed?” It goes beyond a platform for the sharing of research to provide a venue for dialogue across issues, in a way that traditional peer reviewed journals cannot.  Through this series, practitioners can glean new approaches in challenging times and collaborate on the exploration of scholarly solutions to professional quandaries. 
How to submit
We are currently seeking proposals for the 2018 volume on project management in the library workplace.  If you are interested in contributing to this volume, please send a proposal including author details and estimated length of final submission to Alice Daugherty by February 28, 2017.

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