Monday, June 18, 2018

Managing Changing User Expectations of Customer Services - Call for Papers

Deadline Friday 22nd June

We are looking for speakers to share their experiences (good and bad!) of how they manage the changing expectations of the people who use our services. Topics you might want to consider include:

·         Have you used “users” rather than “customers” deliberately?
·         How have your users’ expectations changed?
·         How do you gauge user expectations?
·         How have you changed services to reflect changing user expectations?
·         How have you met changing user expectations on a limited budget?
·         How have changes to user expectations allowed you to be more innovative?
·         Have you proved that user expectations have been met?
·         What has been the impact on customer services due to changing user expectations?
We’d love to hear from you if you are able to answer any of the questions above. We’re looking for people able to speak solo or as part of a duo or group. Slots will include: 

·         In-depth presentations for 30-60 mins: some of which may incorporate ‘Lightning Strikes’ for immediate round table follow up discussion
·         Shorter presentations (10-20 mins)
·         Practical sessions to engage delegates
All of your ideas are welcome as we seek to deliver another innovative and impactful conference dedicated to customer service. If you are interested in speaking, please contact our Events Group Chair Helen Loughran by Friday 22 June
Date: Monday 26 November 2018

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