Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Call for proposals - IFLA WLIC2020 Joint Satellite Meeting, Aug 12, 2020, Galway, Ireland - Artificial Intelligence in Discovery and User Experience

IFLA WLIC2020 Joint Satellite Meeting, Aug 12, 2020, Galway, Ireland

Information Technology and Reference & Information Services Sections

Meeting Topic: Artificial Intelligence in Discovery and User Experience

There is increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in many aspects of library operations in particular public and reference services. Some vendors are also adding elements of AI in library products including discovery and research platforms. The role and impact of AI present both opportunities and challenges. This satellite will explore Open Search, discovery, user interface design and user experience and the role and impact of AI technologies in these areas.

We invite your proposals and to join us to share and explore the connections between reference and information services and IT through AI. IT plays a significant role in the development and use of AI technologies but its uses can have considerable impact and possible unintended consequences on library operations and services.  We are keen to see proposals that explore the important connections between the AI technologies and the operations and/or service side of all types of Libraries. Topics include but not limited to: 

·         Open Search, discovery
·         User interface design and user experience
·         AI technologies including Natural Language Generation/Processing, Machine/Deep Learning platforms, Text Mining, Speech/Facial Recognition, Virtual Agents, Decision Management, Biometrics 
·         Use and impact of AI-optimized hardware and "smart" devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple Siri
·         Multi format content recognition and processing
·         Search algorithms, and algorithmic literacy
·         Innovation in service delivery/library operations
·         Impact on reference work and chat/question answer services 
·         Ethical and professional concerns 

Submissions must include: 
·         Name, title, institution, and email of speaker(s)
·         Brief biographical statement about each speaker (max 100 words)
·         Title of proposed presentation
·         Abstract of presentation (max 300 words)
·         Language of presentation delivery

The deadline for submission is March 6, 2020.  Selection of papers will be based on the abstract. Each abstract will be blind reviewed by members of the organizing team from the IT and Reference & Information Services Sections. 

The full paper (max 2500 words, double line spaced) is due on June 5, 2020, and must be an original submission not presented or published elsewhere.  All proposals and full papers will be required to be in English but the presentation can be in any of the IFLA languages.

Questions can be sent to Christine.Brown@ualberta.ca

Abstracts should be submitted via this online form.

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