Wednesday, February 16, 2011

call for papers

From: Lee Welch

Dear all,

April's inCite is the leadership issue. This is your chance to
contribute your thoughts and experiences on leadership - the good, the
bad and your tips on the 'how to'.
Leadership isn't just having the job title, true leadership is about
articulating a vision and bringing the team along with you to realise
that vision.

Who do you consider to be a true leader in our profession? Why? Do we
need more of them?
Have you undertaken leadership training? Did it help?
What kind of leader are you?
Is there an aspect of leadership you want to learn more about? (let us
know, we will seek out someone to write about it)
Want to contribute? Check out the contribution guidelines at, sharpen up
your keyboard and get to it. 400-600 words is all that stands between

you and the reading public...
Deadline for copy is March 1. Please send contributions to

Lee Welch
Acting Publishing Manager
Australian Library and Information Association
9-11 Napier Close Deakin ACT 2600


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