Sunday, September 21, 2014

Call for proposals – staffing for the future

Advances in Library Administration andOrganization 2015 Volume:  Staffing for the Future

We are currently seeking proposals for the 2015 volume on staffing for the future.  If you are interested in being part of this volume, please send a proposal including author details and estimated length of final submission to by October 17, 2014. 
Series Editor: Samantha Hines, Missoula College at the University of Montana
Significant Dates
Submission deadline for proposals: October 17, 201

Notification of acceptance sent by November 11, 2014

Submission deadline for full chapters: January 31, 2015

Submission deadline for chapter revisions: March 30, 2015

Libraries are dealing with unprecedented changes on several fronts: technological developments, funding difficulties, and an increasing need to prove themselves to a demanding population.  These factors understandably impact library staffing.  Looking toward the future, what changes can we expect to see in how libraries are staffed, how staff are trained and continue to learn, and how we will recruit and maintain staff. 
The 2015 volume of Advances in Library Administration and Organization will focus on the future of library staffing.  ALAO offers long-form research, comprehensive discussions of theoretical developments, and in-depth accounts of evidence-based practice in library administration and organization.  The series aims to answer the questions, “How have libraries been managed, and how should they be managed?” It goes beyond a platform for the sharing of research to provide a venue for dialogue across issues, in a way that traditional peer reviewed journals cannot.  Through this series, practitioners can glean new approaches in challenging times and collaborate on the exploration of scholarly solutions to professional quandaries. 


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