Sunday, May 28, 2017

Developing your career as an academic author

I found this article Starting out the "right" way from established journal editor Peter Aggleton very interesting.  Thanks Jane Burns for bringing it to my attention. Among his suggestions is to identify your potential journal before writing your article. I think that is sound advice: you should  write your article with the journal's audience, purpose and style to the forefront of your mind.  His advice on writing what you are capable of resonates with me also. I started writing practice-based articles and when I developed more confidence in my ability as a writer, moved on to peer-reviewed articles. He suggests writing with others as writing can be a lonely process.  I find it can be great to work with colleagues and would suggest you identify writing partners with care and be clear from the outset what each person is going to contribute and who is going to be the first-named author.  Sometimes people don't realise the first-named author is generally considered the lead author. His last piece of advice enjoy the process I would really endorse. And even when you are beginning to despair of whether it will all come together into a coherent narrative with something of a flow to it, remember that you will learn from the challenge of drafting and redrafting.

Helen Fallon

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