Thursday, January 21, 2010

call for book chapters

Call for Chapters: Library Management Tips That Work

Book publisher: American Library Association

Editor: Carol Smallwood, MLS.
Chapters sought for an anthology by practicing academic, public, school, special librarians sharing their experiences about librarians as managers. Concise, how-to case studies, using bullets, headings, sidebars by librarians based on successful management employing innovation.

No previously published, simultaneously submitted material. One chapter 2400-2500 words; or two chapters (preferred) divided to total 2400-2500 words. Chapters welcomed by one librarian, or if co-authored by the same two librarians.

Possible topics: staff flex hours, financial planning, administration skills, public relations, time management, library boards, partnering, library manuals, professional ethics, innovative technology, handling employees, volunteers.

To receive a "go-ahead", please e-mail 1-4 topics each described in 2-4 sentences by February 7, 2010 along with a 85-90 word bio with: your name, library of employment, city/state location, employment title, where you got your degree, awards, publications, and career highlights. If co-authored, each of the two librarian-writers will need a separate bio. You will be contacted as soon as possible telling you which (if any) of your topics are not duplications, inviting you to e-mail your submission; an invitation doesn't guarantee acceptance. Please place MANAGEMENT/your name on the subject line to:

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