Thursday, January 21, 2010

call for papers

Call for papers: Special issue: Cataloging Grey Literature (Cataloging & Classification Quarterly)

This special issue of Cataloging & Classification Quarterly will provide an international perspective of cataloging practices and challenges of different types of documents (theses, reports, conferences…) in print and digital format, in different parts of the world and different kinds of scientific information centres and libraries, with special attention to standards and normative initiatives.

The special issue will address the following topics:
Part 1: Standards and rules
A history of cataloguing rules related to print and digital GL
Standards and descriptive initiatives for scientific reports

Metadata for electronic theses and dissertations
Part 2: Experiences and techniques
Cataloging GL in a national library
Cataloging GL in a research organisation settings
Cataloging GL in international settings
Cataloging GL in humanities and social sciences

Part 3: Perspectives
GL metadata in the context of current research information systems
GL metadata quality in institutional repositories
Tagging GL: cataloging in the Web 2.0 environment
Cataloging GL and datasets in emerging e-science infrastructure

The papers should be between 15-20 double spaced pages (average 11 pt. type) and be compliant with the CCQ Instructions for Authors (cf. with bibliographical endnotes following the Chicago Manual of Style.
Manuscripts should be submitted by email (attached text file) before June 30, 2010, to the two guest editors of the special issue, and will undergo a peer review procedure. The special issue is expected to be published in 2011.
Paola De Castro is head of the publishing unit of the Italian National Institute of Health.
Joachim Schöpfel is head of the department of information sciences at the Charles de Gaulle University of Lille 3 (France).

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