Thursday, February 9, 2017

Call for essays - Women in Library Information Technology

The call for essays is now open for We Can Do I.T.: Women in Library Information Technology, a book edited by Jenny Brandon, Sharon Ladenson, and Kelly Sattler to be published by Library Juice Press.

Description of book:
What roles are women playing in information technology (I.T.) in libraries? What are rewards that women experience, as well as challenges they face in library I.T.? What are future visions for women in library I.T.?
This edited collection will provide a voice for people to share insights into the culture, challenges, and rewards of being a woman working in library I.T.  We are soliciting personal narratives from anyone who works in a library about what it is like to be a woman, or working with women, in library I.T. We also seek essays on visions for the future of women within library I.T. and how such visions could be achieved. This collection should be useful not only for those pursuing a career in library I.T., but also for library managers seeking to facilitate a more inclusive environment for the future. Through publishing a collection of personal narratives, we also seek to bring experiences of women in library I.T. from the margins to the center.For the purposes of this collection, we consider library I.T. to include responsibilities in computer networks, hardware, and software support; computer programming (e.g. coding in python, php, java...); web development (e.g. admins, coders, front/back end developers,...); and/or the management of such areas.

Possible topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • How you started in library I.T.
  • Stories related to being a woman in library I.T.
  • Experiences of acceptance or resistance within the library I.T. community
  • Tips and advice for other women seeking a career in library I.T.
  • Changes in your career path because of entering library I.T.
  • Changes you'd like to see happen within the library I.T. culture
  • Advice for library management on how to improve library I.T. culture
  • A vision for the future about/for women in library I.T.

Timeline:Submission deadline: 27th March 2017Notification/Feedback regarding submission: 12th May 2017Editing and revision: June - July 2017Final manuscript due to publisher: September 2017

Submissions:This volume will contain commentary, stories, and essays (from 140 characters to 1,500 words).If your submission is tentatively accepted, we may request modifications.Material cannot be previously published.To submit your essay, please fill out this Google form:

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