Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Library Bursaries - You could be a winner!

It's great to see a number of scholarships and awards currently available.  Having been on the judging panel of a number of library-related awards over my career, I am always struck by how few people enter for these. Maybe if more people shared their stories of how they approached applying and what they did with the award, it would help encourage others.  So if there are any library staff out there who would be willing to write a short post on winning an award who would like to share their experience perhaps you would e-mail me.

LIR Bursary - closing date 19th May 2017
LAI Cataloguing and Metadata Group Bursary - closing date Friday 9th June 2017
UCD iSchool PhD Scholarships - closing date 15th Mary 2017

I've entered for awards and not won; I've had rejection letters from journal editors etc. but all this helps develop resilience one of the topics ably covered by the research of Carol Dweck, so why not give it a go; you might win and if not you will have developed some skills through the application process and had an opportunity to reflect on your topic and learn more about it.


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