Friday, August 25, 2017

Rudaí 23 (23 Things) online course available free of charge and certified by Library Association of Ireland

Delighted to see this is running again. It's a great opportunity to learn more about social media and much more.  There's a useful blog post by Saoirse Reynolds on her experience of doing the course.

Dr Philip Cohen, President LAI, presents Saoirse Reynolds with her certificate

Below are more details from the organisers. 
The Western Regional Section of the Library Association of Ireland are thrilled to announce a new free online 23 Things course, starting in September 2017. This is our second time running this course, and we are very excited to tell you about all the new things that we are including in this one.
Rudaí (translates from the Irish as ‘thing’) 23  is based on the 23 Things learning programme designed in 2010 by librarian Helene Blowers for the staff of the Charlotte Mecklenburg library, North Carolina. Our programme is designed to introduce professionals working in an information/library environment to new web tools and apps currently being used to promote libraries and enhance library service-provision worldwide. We will also introduce tools and apps used for collaborating, networking and sharing your work.
This course is for anyone working in the information profession that might be looking for opportunities in continuing professional development, exploring the world of apps and web tools, networking online with like-minded professional and developing your online professional profile.
The program consists of 23 modules which will be delivered free and online via our course website: Participants can choose which modules to complete and earn up to 5 digital open badges:
Visual Communicator, Online Networker, Critical Thinker, Engaged Professional and CPD Champion.
Participants must complete a series of simple tasks such as learning how to use different presentation software like PowToon, or maybe you would like to know more about collaboration tools such as Basecamp. Learning includes reflecting so we ask you to write an online blog post about your experiences which in turn lets you earn the relevant badges.
This course, including the open digital badges that you earn, is certified by the Library Association of Ireland and can be used in your CPD portfolio.
We would encourage anyone interested in doing this course to speak to your employer about allowing time to complete it. Online learning is a valuable part of continuing professional development and can be a viable alternative to attending conferences or training if distance or financial constraints are impeding factors for you.
Please download the brochure which contains information on the time required to do the course as well as information on the module content.
Registration for Rudaí 23 will open on the 28th of August and the first module will begin on the 9th of September.

For more information email and follow us on twitter @rudaí23 @wrslai to receive updates and don’t forget the hashtags #rudaí23 #23things.

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