Friday, August 25, 2017

Using the 5 minute hour glass in your academic writing!

Jane Burns has updated her entry in Top Tips from Published Authors section and has included some really useful resources

Update on Writing Tips – 2017
I still use the tips outlined in my original post  but have developed a few more good writing practices that other writers might find useful.  The most significant addition to my writing work space is the use of twitter for resources and for practicing writing coherently and efficiently (a limit of 140 characters really helps stop the waffling!)
Some useful Twitter accounts I follow and recommend are listed below. They offer great tips and lots of inspiration!
PhD Forum @PhDForum

The other addition to my writing toolkit was the recent purchase of a 5 minute hour glass. I used this in 2 really effective ways. The first is for timed writing. I force myself to do a 5 minute concentrated writing session every day.  The topics can vary but it gets the writing part of my brain activated! The other way I use the hour glass is when I need to take a break and the sand in the glass then becomes by 5 minute limit for a hop on to social media!

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